How We Got Here

Education has always been at the forefront of everything that the Blue Family stands for.  Diarra locked in on his own particular niche for education at a very early age. Whether captivating his family with his wit and humor at family dinners, elementary school  program, or universities. Dr. Blue has a unique gift or making learning “cool”, fun, and easy to understand.

Jessica’s educational foundation began as a result of the lessons learned from her mother whom worked as an educator for over 15 years.  The lessons she learned from watching her mother both at home and within her profession would inspired an acuity to the value of a structured educational format.

In 2015 “The Vet Life” a reality show depicting the lives of three African-American veterinarians and their families debuted on Animal Planet an “ah ha” moment arose for Dr. Blue and Jessica.  After the show aired, there was an immediate and overwhelmingly positive response. There were hundreds of letters, cards, and emails sent to the doctors from both children and adults alike, who were inspired in some way by watching the show. Dr. Blue saved these letters and shared them with his wife Jessica. What many of these fans did not realize was how humbled we were by the feedback that people were providing.  Much of what was received were handwritten letters from children, many of whom simply stated “I want to be a vet too one day.” This outpouring of interest became the catalyst for the birth of The Diarra Blue Education Initiative.

Journey Forward

If you’re driven to succeed, then we’re driven to help. Our team of leaders and professionals have been in your shoes, seen the pitfalls, found their way, and are devoted to ushering you along the journey to claim your victory.

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